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Do you know when the deluxe version of stick & stones go to the shops on Spain??? Xxx :)

I’m really not sure! 

Anyone else know!?! 

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The deluxe edition tracklisting is as follows:
1. ‘Grow Up’ (feat. Busta Rhymes)
2. ‘Want U Back’
3. ‘Talkin’ That’
4. ‘With Ur Love’ (feat. Mike Posner)
5. ‘Swagger Jagger’
6. ‘Beautiful People’ (feat. Carolina Liar)
7. ‘Oath’ (feat. Becky G)
8. ‘Playa Boi’
9. ‘Superhero’
10. ‘Love Me for Me’
11. ‘Over the Moon’
12. ‘Dub on the Track’ (feat. Mic Righteous, Dot Rotten + Ghetts)
13. ‘End Up Here’
14. ‘Behind the Music’
15. ‘RIOT!’
16. ‘Stay’
17. ‘With Ur Love’ (Solo Version)
18. ‘Dub on the Track’ (Solo Version)
19. ‘Want U Back’ (feat. Astro)
20. ‘Want U Back’ (feat. Snoop Dogg)
21. ‘Swagger Jagger’ (Hygrade Radio Mix)

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Would you please Follow me back? I love ur blog and Cher too *-*

Followed! x 

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